3 good reasons to cook

“I don’t have time to cook!” “That is much too exhausting for me! “I just can’t cook”
For many years, such sentences have been labelled as pure excuses by TV chefs. This may be the case in many situations, but it’s not always true.

Fact is however: Nobody must feel bad, if he doesn’t cook, but everyone feels better, if he does.

So here are 3 good reasons to cook to give you a motivation for starting:

1. The taste

Of course nobody is born as a star chef and it takes a lot of training to be able to cook well, but homemade tastes best. You determine the quality of the goods yourself and can adjust your food as you like. Pizza with salami, mushrooms, spinach and pineapple? Spaghetti with more sauce than noodles? Finally a sweet-sour stew without meat? No problem, if you cook it yourself you can turn any meal into your favourite version.

2. The health

You’ve all already knew that. With the right recipes, cooking yourself is much healthier than convenience food. The ingredients are fresh, there are no flavour enhancers and less sugar. Thus unnecessary fat and calories are prevented and not only the weight, but also your organs are pleased.

3. The joy

Nothing makes you prouder than being praised for your food. When your family, colleagues or friends are happy about your home-cooked food, the stress of cooking is forgotten. And even if you only cook for yourself, in the end the pleasure is worth all the effort!

The next time you think “I could actually do it…” then just do it and start cooking. With enough will and a lot of motivation the exercise comes all by itself.

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