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St. Petersburg

Two years ago I went to St. Petersburg, Russia with my family . I couldn’t wait to finally get to know the largest country in the world. Especially in Western countries, there are many prejudices against Russia and because of that I didn’t know what to expect. We arrived by ship and were able to spend three days with a special visa in Russia that way.
The first impression of St. Petersburg is dull. This is mainly due to the weather. Also in the late summer there were only 15 degrees celsius, a lot of rain and above all clouds above clouds. That the reasyon why a lot of the pictures are a bit gray and dreary, I’m sorry.

At second glance, the city is packed with culture. Large museums, large old buildings and churches characterize the cityscape. For me thid was typically russian. The metro network is good and relatively easy to understand. If there are any problems, the people in St. Petersburg are very friendly and happy to help, in my experience. (They help as good as they can, if they don’t speak English). The prices are low compared to other countries and you can get a very good meal for a reasonable price. I didn’t know what I was missing without Borschtsch in my life, haha!

But we didn’t had much time in the city. Anyway, I recommend visiting the Natura Siberica at Nevsky Prospekt 108. They sell many different kinds of natural cosmetics. With a bit of curiosity and a walk around the city, you can discover many very beautiful shops!

From St. Petersburg you can make many different trips that are worthwhile. The city Pushkin, which is about 25km away, is such a destination. Main attraction here is the Catherine Palace, the old summer residence of the Russian tsars. The tour of the palace is definitely worth the money. The rooms are mainly golden, gold, gold everywhere …


Another worthwhile day trip is the Peterhof Palace. It is located in a huge park with many small statures, water features and galleries. A special highlight are the fountains, which do a show with musik several times a day. Again, the motto here is – gold over everything. Oh, and definitely take part in the tour here too!


All in all it was an awesome trip, even though the weather wasn’t always that nice. The people were really friendly, the city was beautiful, the food DELICIOUS and the prices affordable. Except for the problems with the visa, that’s cheaper when you arrive by boat as when you arrive by plane, it was a fantastic trip, which I would definitely do again and recommend to everybody!

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